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Thinking of selling your business? Studies show most small business owners get significantly lower valuations due to lack of understanding and preparation of their business for a sale. Call us today to find out about our unique and propitiatory system to get the highest valuation when you sell your business.

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Our company principals have a combined 50+ years in C-level executive management roles from start-ups to public companies. Let’s us partner with your executive team and mentor them to better leadership and performance-based management in all business disciplines.

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You know what needs to be done but don’t have the manpower or in-house skills to execute it? Call us today to discuss how our expert consultants can support you in any business discipline.

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Entrepreneurs: Are you infected with “Founderitise”?

Entrepreneurs: Are you infected with Founderitise? Read below to see if you have the symptoms…In my work as a business consultant and fund raiser, I’m often called in to assess the viability of a venture and its business plan in order to establish how viable a fund raising effort would be. In the majority of

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9 Steps To Consider When Valuing Your Startup

Determining your startup’s worth is one of the hardest parts of the fundraising process. There is no magic formula that will spit out a valuation, namely because the number is highly subjective. The entrepreneur, for example, anticipates huge potential and may therefore put a high valuation on his company. The investor, on the other hand

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“THE BEST BUSINESS ADVICE I EVER GOT” Planning & Strategy “Paraphrasing Thomas Edison: Focus on how the end-user customers perceive the impact of your innovation – rather than on how you, the innovators, perceive it.” —Taylor, San Diego, CA “Startup success is not about the product, or the technology, or even the management. It is

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15 Ways To Kill A Deal

FIFTEEN WAYS TO KILL A DEAL 1. Engage in extensive negotiations over the first Non Disclosure Agreement. Don’t go to the mat on fine details of the NDA that will bring them to the table. It can be superceded later, after they’re hooked. 2. Send “corrected” financials. Never give out financials until you are sure

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